The Mountain

The wind was not kidding around up here. It roared all around her, whipping long loose hair into mayhem. It pelted at such force that tears welled in her eyes and she couldn’t blink them away. Seated as she was, on a rock, she felt steady enough, but knew that as soon as she stood … More The Mountain

Break point

When Marceline entered the kitchen with mud caked down the front of her new white dress and face, Mum flipped her lid. Actually, that’s an understatement. Just moments before, she’d been bustling around the kitchen fixing tea for us kids and nagging me about my homework, while I sat perched at the bench making a … More Break point

Odyssey – Homer

I’ve roamed back into the realm of classic literature to read Homer’s epic poem Odyssey. It’s a strange, jolting read, because it was written (probably) in about 700 BC, in another language, as poem, with music probably instead to accompany it. To a modern reader it’s strange, but still interesting. The story is of Odysseus’ 20 … More Odyssey – Homer