Chapter One: You Have the Power to Change Stuff – Daniel Flynn

I certainly can’t review this book like I’ve been doing so far this year. It’s the first non-fiction book in my mix, and, to be perfectly honest – I have to be a bit biased on this one.

You see, while the writing is not spectacular, the book is written about a brand and a cause that I love. Also… well, it’s cool.

This book – (which I am assuming in titled “Chapter One“, though I really can’t be confident on that as there are sort of two titles on the cover… but the hashtag circulating is #chapterone so we’ll go with that even though it’s so generic! How did those guys work out their SEO so well that they rank at the top of Google for Chapter One?! Bravo!)

Let me start that again. This book is the wrong way around. It’s printed horizontally instead of vertically. It was a surprise and a delight when I opened it from the box and found that out! Daniel explains that this was done to capture attention, and because the brand Thankyou is not really into doing things in traditional ways. I’m in love with the design.

In Chapter One, Daniel Flynn writes about his experiences starting up the company Thankyou, which exists to fund projects for those in need. They stock bottled water (where it all began), body products like soaps and handwash, and also food products like muesli and muesli bars. Also heaps more. These guys have always been on the peripheral of my awareness, and I knew they’d done some gutsy marketing stuff to propel their brand, but I was never fully aware of how tough this journey has been for them, and how true to their mission they’ve remained.

While reading, I got so emotionally invested. As Daniel wrote anecdote after anecdote about their failures, their let downs and discouragement from various people, my emotions cycled through anger and sadness. I shed the occasional tear, I’ll admit. Because in the end what I read about was a group of committed people truly invested in an idea that makes so much sense, and will genuinely make a change in the world – but who kept being slapped in the face with failure.

But – they have done such an amazing job! I could sense the overall positivity behind Daniel’s words, because this guy and his team have a vision. They won’t let anything get in the way.

Chapter One is a part of a mission to fund Chapter Two, which will be a book one day but is also the next part of the real story. Thankyou is launching into New Zealand and also launching a new range of baby products congruently.

I have no doubt that they’ll do amazingly in the international market, as they’ve grabbed all of our attention, their marketing is spot on, and most importantly – they have a dream and a vision which powers the whole operation. I can sense that. I think we all can. People are seriously passionate about this brand. It’s going to be big.

This was a great read. Simple, straightforward writing infused with passion and positivity. And also real, practical business advice. I’m sitting here now after finishing it thinking, “Well what am I doing?“. I’m excited and I’m grateful for this book.

(Sidenote: I just realised that I referred to the author by his first name, which I don’t usually do. I guess I feel like we’re on first name basis. I feel like a part of the story, like I have a real connection with Thankyou. This book is on a different level, in the best kind of way.)


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