The Blood Countess – Tara Moss

I’m not sure what I expected here. I’d heard about Tara Moss, model-turned-author, and I was curious. Spotting this book for $5 at a discount book store, I went for it.

Truth be told – I enjoyed this novel very much. No, I can’t say that Tara Moss is an exceptional writer (think along the lines of Stephanie Meyer 1st person style), but she certainly tells a good story. I was pretty captivated.

In a nutshell: Pandora English moves from a small town called Gretchenville to the Big Smoke (NYC!) to pursue a career in writing, and happens to do this by accepting an offer to stay with the only living relative she has aside from the her aunt Georgia – great-aunt Celia. Celia is meant to be in her nineties, and lives in a creepy old mansion in a mysterious neighbourhood in New York’s outer suburbs – Spektor. Moss races through Pandora’s past: she’s an orphan, an outcast, has strange powers of prophecy, has had little romantic involvement – that essentially all we are given!

So Pandora finds her great-aunt to be much younger looking than expected – a little odd. She manages to land herself a job at a magazine that shares the same name as her, and is assigned a project involving a new product called BloodofYouth. There’s something off about this product, the hype around it, and the people involved with it. And there’s also something off about Pandora’s great-aunt and the house she lives in. Lo and behold: there are ghosts, vampires, zombies and more that come into play!

The Blood Countess is an easy and addictive read. It rides off the success of the recent vampire hype, and it does an okay job of constructing a relatively convincing adaptation of supernatural creatures. What I really appreciate is the association with actual historical figures. Tara Moss has done her research, and I like it.

So, to wrap this review up – despite the predictability, unremarkable writing and simplicity of this story (sorry if that’s harsh?!), I really just enjoyed it for an easy read! The story was engaging, and yeah I’d probably read the sequel 🙂


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