Rooted – Banning Liebscher

We read this book as a part of our Christian Bible Study/small group thing – essentially 8 friends coming together to do life and learn stuff and talk about God.

I can’t say this book provides anything exceptionally new, but it puts it into beautiful, articulate words.

The one thing that resounded so well with me is this idea that you have to wait, endure and push through to get to where you need to be. It doesn’t happen overnight. This applies both to spiritual stuff and other areas of life. And more than that – the time of waiting and ‘growing roots’ is actually a super important time in itself.

This applies so well right now because my husband and I feel absolutely crushed under the weight of life. Here we are, two mid-twenties, educated, married people feeling unable to cope with life because it’s relentless. We’ve almost lost all will to keep going at it. But, if we’re here now because we’re going to get to a better place where we can have good jobs, start a family, live near our support network and do things we enjoy, then perhaps this time is crucial.

In this book, I learned the importance of trusting in God’s timing and allowing Him to work things together for the greater good. I also learned:

  • The importance of reading Scripture – because that’s where the truth lies, not in feelings and opinions
  • The need to serve others – because being selfless brings joy and serving in embedded in the very nature of Jesus
  • The absolute necessity of community – because we weren’t designed to figure things out for ourselves.

I’ve discovered that God is always there, waiting, and you don’t need to be at church to reach out to Him. In fact, Banning recommends finding a ‘secret place’ to sit and be with God. For me, I think it’s the beach. I feel so at peace there, so connected to nature and the feeling of being minute.

This was a great read.


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