No is Not Enough – Naomi Klein

Reading this was pretty out of character for me, but I was intrigued after my husband and a colleague at worked raved about it. I don’t really understand politics stuff, so a lot of it probably went over my head.

Naomi Klein is extremely intelligent and well articulated, which makes this account of how we came to be where we are in politics (and what’s actually happening under Trump’s government) a bit too terrifying.

The book is well structured and well written. She first talks a bit about how we’ve managed to get to this place, drawing on some of her previous books’ subject matter. She slips in hints as to what Trump is doing with his power (hint: introducing policies to make the rich richer, to exploit minorities and poorer people, and to destroy our environment completely). Klein then sums it up with how things could get better, and what is already happening, particularly in her home country of Canada.

What hit me the hardest in this book, aside from how ridiculously heartless the rich people leading America (and most governments) are, is her references to climate change and how we are on the brink of destroying nature for future generations. Klein talks about how she took her 4-year-old son to the Great Barrier Reef to see the beauty of this underwater world. She was also there to film a documentary on the mass bleaching it’s experiencing due to climate change, which has already left a quarter of the reef irreparably damaged. Klein says:

These children have done nothing to create the crisis, but they are the ones who will deal with the most extreme weather – the storms and droughts and fires and rising seas – and all the social and economic stresses that will flow as a result. They are the ones growing up amidst a mass extinction, robbed of so much beauty and so much of the companionship that comes from being surrounded by other life forms.

This smashed me and my values, because I want to be a mother some day, but I also know I’ll be bringing children into the world at a time when the world is being destroyed and they’ll have to deal with it. I don’t know what it’s going to look like, but I know that what we’re doing now (or what we’re not doing, more to the point) is ruining the planet for future generations.

I could rant more, but essentially this book was a very heavy read and I may need to let it sink in for a while to know how I feel about it. It’s a bit too eye-opening – which is definitely a good thing. We need to know what’s going on in our world so we can stand up against it.

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