The Rules of Backyard Croquet – Sunni Overend

Yet another beautiful cover design that softly calls out ‘read me…’, from the Sunni Overend collection. I thoroughly enjoyed her first book The Dangers of Truffle Hunting, and this one didn’t disappoint either. (Fun fact: this manuscript was originally self-published by Overend before her current book deal, and she wrote it before she wrote The Dangers of Truffle Hunting).

Overend’s books are sparkly, flamboyant, satisfying and… how do I say ‘aesthetically pleasing, but in a reading sense? She describes things absolutely gorgeously. In this book, it’s fabrics and designs that take the show and sound so good you just want to rub the soft silks and cottons against your face. But even aside from that, she describes lip-smacking food and gorgeous houses and office buildings that make you want to Instagram them. Even though you can only see it in your mind. It helps that the book is set in a world of rich, fancy people and luxurious settings and experiences.

In a nutshell:

Apple March is store manager of high end fashion store Loom, where she’s been dealing with horrendous customers (and a horrendous owner) for almost seven years. Her life is turned around when her sister gets engaged and pleads for Apple to dust off her sewing machine and make her a custom-made dress, and when Apple simultaneously falls in with a crowd of rich, good looking guys. She starts dating one called Noah… sexy stuff happens, etc.

We find out that Apple is an extremely talented designer who attended a fancy school in Sydney but was kicked out after an unfortunate affair with a married man, and being falsely accused of plagiarism. She’s been hiding out in retail for seven years and is terrified of bumping into people from her design school past.

In a rather predictable turn of events, Apple gets back into sewing, gets noticed, starts her own line and resolves her awards past. At the same time, she falls in love with a lovely rich guy, breaks up with Noah and then after back-and-forthing for a while, ends up with Mr. Right. Nice. And. Neat.

While Apple’s character is a bit weak and annoying, and the storyline is super predictable… the setting, the descriptions and the impressive knowledge of fashion design is what makes this a great, addictive read.

Also, I’ll say it again – the cover is prettyyyyyy.

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