A Brief History of Time – Stephen Hawking

I watched a movie about Stephen Hawking recently, and when I saw this book in an op shop I decided to give it a read! Stephen Hawking is a really brilliant individual, and reading this book gave me a brief insight into his field of work.

While he’s certainly ‘dumbed down’ certain physics concepts for the layman in this book, it’s still no walk in the park. There are charts and graphs and everything. A lot of stuff I didn’t quite have the brainpower to understand, but other things were wonderful to explore.

I really liked that Hawking explored concepts with a pretty open mind, particularly when it comes to religion. He doesn’t try to disprove the existence of a Creator, and in fact outlines a lot of facts that actually point to the suggestion of a God.

I was surprised that he explains that the theory of the Big Bang actually does more to prove a start to time (and therefore, a time at which a Creator may have created all that exists) than it does to disprove God. I also learned that the universe is constantly expanding – every celestial body is drawing further and further away from the others over time. I also learned that ‘black holes’ aren’t actually black, but glowing!

Fun facts aside, Hawking does a great job at attributing due respect to past scientists and philosophers, while simultaneously approaching the question of our existence with light-heartedness.

That’s all I have to say – because I’m not smart enough to explain anything further.


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